Link to PDF version of today's letter sent home with students (same as image below)


Transcript of Rhonda Bellmer's All-Call Announcements

Communication #6


Hello West Side Families,

All Call #6

Hello West Side Families:

This is Rhonda Bellmer, your Superintendent/Principal, with message #6. West Side School will be reopening tomorrow, Tuesday, as planned.

School lunch will be available.

Our entire staff met today in preparation for the return of our students. The campus is ready and staff have considered how to make the first day back to school normalizing, while assisting the kids in processing what they may have experienced this past week.

This message will be posted on our website, mailed as a BobChat, and noted on the parent Facebook page.

Our main concern will be air quality.  I am monitoring northern Sonoma County air quality at We will post the link on our website. Parents of students and staff with asthma have been consulted. The AQI, or Air Quality Index, will determine outside time, recesses, and P.E. activities.

We really appreciated being together today. Parents are welcome to gather in Phoenix Hall in the morning to reconnect.

We are grateful and ready to welcome our students back.

Communication #5


Hello West Side Families,

This is message #5 from your Superintendent/Principal Rhonda Bellmer.

West Side will re-open for students on Tuesday, in alignment with Healdsburg Unified School District.

A separate communication will be issued to staff regarding Monday’s preparations on campus.

Tuesday through Friday will be full days with no early release on Wednesday.

Parent-Teacher conferences are postponed and will be rescheduled.

To ensure that everyone receives this message it is being sent through our ALL CALL phone system, by posting to our website, through a BobChat, and on the West Side parent Facebook page.

Please tell your friends.

This update was dependent on learning the outcome of the projected Friday night winds. The plan to re-open is in effect unless there are new developments.

Stand by. I will send out another communication promptly if anything changes.

Take care, and looking for to getting back to school.

Communication #4

October 13

Transcript of call that went out approximately 3:45pm this afternoon:

“Dear West Side Families,

This is the fourth message from your Superintendent-Principal Rhonda Bellmer.

New advisories are in place to fire expansion and anticipated winds. So we are uncertain as to whether or not West Side School will be able to reopen on Monday.

We will remain in alignment with Healdsburg Unified School District and Superintendent Chris Vanden Heuvel and I will make a decision by 3:00 on Sunday.

If we are able to reopen, we will cancel parent teacher conferences and hold school for full days. My next communication regarding school closures will be on Sunday afternoon.

Please share this info as appropriate. Take care everyone.”