Students using Typing Agent over the summer:

Note that your progress will be reset to Unit 1 as of August 1st.

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Typing Agent

Note that on July 31st TYPING AGENT be archiving student data from the last school year.

With the archival, all students left in the program over the summer will have their progress reset to Unit 1 Lesson 1 as of 8/1/17.

Note to Parents from the Typing Agent Team:

*** We're often asked why we archive data in and reset student progress in the middle of summer, and there are a few good reasons:
Archiving data allows us to maintain our servers without exponential growth, making accurate and quick reporting easier year after year.
More importantly, however, our data suggests that having students "reset" after a 3-month break with a recap of the beginning lessons improves students recall of key introduction and development of autonomous kinesthetic memory.
It also provides the teacher an opportunity to assess for any keyboarding habits a student may have developed that could impair their keyboarding proficiency or lead to chronic injury before students reinforce them through more complex typing practice.
In practice, we've found that previously proficient typers who spend 20-40 minutes practicing the basics at the beginning of next year’s typing course increase their typing accuracy and speed at a quicker rate than students who don't; in the same way that student pianists who can tackle difficult pieces may still warm-up with scales.

Best regards, Typing Agent Success Team