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The BobChat bi-monthly newsletter goes out every other Wednesday. All entries for the newsletter are due to the office via email by noon Tuesdays. Email to: news@westsideusd.org

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Occasionally, we will post extra notices here [click this text], which went out at a time other than the regular BobChat, for your convenience.

Para escuchar en español la “BobChat”: llamen ha 433-3923 y oprima 25

If you want the BobChat emailed to you, please follow link to receive the BobChat by email.

You must sign up each year, whether or not you are on last year’s list. This will help us keep from sending emails to unwanted destinations, and help keep the BobChat out of spam filters. Thank you.

Please note:

The newsletter, “The West Side BobChat” is distributed on the day it is written by being sent home with your child and by email to parents who have requested it (see link above).

We appreciate your input, and whenever the BobChat is not updated online, please let the office know.

Thank you.

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