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Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

All children need to move and be active in order to be healthy. Healthy minds and bodies are basic
to academic success, achieving personal goals, and contributing to society. West Side offers a program
of physical education that provides students with developmentally appropriate activities using a variety of teaching methods based on each student’s individual abilities and needs. California Department
of Education’s “Challenge Standards” helps schools organize the physical education curriculum into meaningful and useful standards for each grade level. The overall vision is for all students to be involved in physical education and to have fun while moving. Students who participate in quality physical education programs receive a variety of benefits, including (1) the development of a variety of motor skills and abilities related to lifetime leisure skills; (2) an improved understanding of the importance
of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; (3) an improved understanding of movement and the human body; (4) an improved knowledge of the rules and strategies of particular games and sports; and (5) self-confidence and a sense of self-worth in relation to physical education and recreation programs.

Childhood obesity has been identified as a national concern. In order to address this epidemic, our school environments must promote high levels of physical activity and good nutrition. Studies show that good nutrition and physical fitness have benefits beyond improvement in overall health, with a direct and positive impact on a child’s academic performance. In addition to the physical education program offered at each grade level, fifth graders are assessed using the California Physical Fitness Test program. In addition to meeting the State requirement of 200 minutes of physical education every two weeks as part of the elementary school curriculum, West Side’s rural setting offers many additional opportunities for students to engage in a variety of physical activities.