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Social and Emotional Education


West Side’s education program promotes and supports the social and emotional growth of each of our  students.  Social skills and emotional development are a very important part of school success, and are reflected in the student’s ability to pay attention, make transitions from one activity to another, and to cooperate with others. Socialization is a learning-teaching process resulting in a balance between  cooperation and independent creativity.  At West Side students learn to work in teams, acquiring an understanding, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity in people and ideas.  Leadership and communication opportunities are evidenced throughout the curriculum.  Self-regulation and self-awareness, combined with social-awareness and the ability to establish and maintain positive relations, are the desired outcomes for each of our students.

In the 2007-08 school year, West Side began using a new curriculum called “The Toolbox Project.”   This unique program was brought to our school through the School Site Council.  The curriculum empowers and enables children to: (1) understand and accept themselves, their strengths, and their weaknesses; (2) build kinship with others and work toward accepting differences; (3) contribute their uniqueness and realize that they belong; (4) be proactive in taking responsibility for the choices they make; (5) see conflict as an opportunity to become problem solvers; (6) feel confident in self-mastery and self-control; and (7) have empathy for others.