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Project Based Learning

Third Grade — Steelhead in the Classroom

It wouldn’t seem like spring without raising steelhead trout at West Side.  Each year, our third graders  participate in the Steelhead in the Classroom Project.  Our students raise steelhead trout in their classroom in a way that enriches the science, math and social studies curriculum. The goal of the Salmon and Trout in the Classroom Program is to educate children about these fish, their habitats and how to protect them.

It gives students hands-on experience with early phases of salmonid natural history. The program involves hatching salmonid eggs for subsequent release into the local creek as well as a classroom and field curriculum to educate students about local riparian and instream biology, ecology, history, and problems, with primary focus on local salmonid populations. Our third graders raise the eggs into fry fingerlings and release them into Mill Creek after about five weeks.  The eggs are reared in incubators set up in the classroom.  This hands-on science curriculum is the project through which students explore and learn California science content standards related to their grade level. Students predict the egg hatch date using mathematics, and learn about the trouts' life cycle, watersheds, and habitats. This unique program is a collaborative effort between our school, Trout Unlimited, our community neighbors, The Department of Fish and Game, AmeriCorps’ Watershed Stewarts Projects, and The Bishop’s Ranch Watershed Education Program.

These enrichment programs are made possible through the generous funding from the Felta Education Foundation.